And your journey through the world of law will no longer become a mystery tour

Mgr. Jana Grohmannová

Attorney at law, a fan of parachuting and a karate champion

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Only the one who has everything in order will get a peaceful and good sleep.
That´s why I will help you in legal matters concerning your company management.
I will advise you during our consultation, handle the transfer of the real property for you and will save your worries in the countless situations which requires legal advice.

Being my client also means being my long-term partner. It is a close relationship I care for.
You put your hope in me and disclose sensitive and important information to me. I appreciate your trust.
You know what? Let´s meet and discuss your problem!

About me

I am an experienced attorney at law with long-term practice. I specialize in the commercial law and the law of contracts as well as the corporate law.

I have a wealth of experience in negotiating with the administrative authorities, in legal proceedings and making the commercial contracts. I obtained my patience, concentration and goal orientation also thanks to my interest in karate and skydiving. When you jump in tandem, you rely on your partner. You can rely on my help and support in legal issues.