How do I work?

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Journey through your legal issue

I provide the legal services as an attorney at law under the Legal Assistance Contract or under the oral agreement for a remuneration. The legal service refers to especially the legal consultation, preparing of the written instruments, representation in the judicial proceedings before the court and defence in criminal cases.


The hourly rate per each hour you start amounts to CZK 1,800. In the event of providing the legal service at the weekend, on bank holidays or after 7 p.m., the hourly rate is CZK 2,300 per each hour you start. The phone calls are charged according to their real length + 10 minutes. The minimum charged amount is the amount for 10 minutes of the phone call.

The price of legal service will always be communicated in advance. To have a primary picture, please see the usual prices of some one-off legal services in Price List.

What is free of charge?

  • If you want to agree on the date of our personal or phone consultation.
  • If you need to know if I focus on a certain area of law or if I could deal with your case.

Legal consultation – what to expect when we meet for the first time

During our legal consultation, I will be glad to listen to your problems, requirements or wishes and learn about your situation. Together, we will clarify the goal you want to accomplish.

Legal consultation, in person or over the phone, will be charged.

To be as effective as possible, I will be glad if you send me the needed documents in advance. Any preparation for the consultation is included in the price of the consultation. If you do not like my approach or if you find that I am not the right person for you, we will finish our meeting after 15 minutes and you will not be charged anything.

Based on our discussion, I will suggest the ways how to achieve the set goal and will estimate the means needed to accomplish that goal. I will prepare the individual price quotation and suggest further cooperation.

The legal consultation usually does not take more than 1 hour and the short legal consultations by phone usually last 10 to 15 minutes.

What can you expect

  • I will not waste your time.
  • I will try to find the most effective way to reach the common goal.
  • I consider the information disclosed by you confidential and I will, of course, maintain confidentiality thereof.
  • I will be working in favour of you.
  • I respect your comments.
  • I adhere to the Code of Conduct of Attorney at law.

What do I expect from my client

  • If necessary, the client will sign the letter of attorney and the Legal Assistance Contract.
  • The client will cooperate, answer the phone calls and respond to the e-mail messages.
  • The client will pay the invoices in time.

Mgr. Jana Grohmannová

Attorney at law, a fan of parachuting and a karate champion

I am an experienced attorney at law with long-term practice. I specialize in the commercial law and the law of contracts as well as the corporate law.


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