Recommendation to the real property owners: monitor the changes in the Land Register

Posted on 18. 12. 2017 / You will read this in: 2 minutes

If you have a right in rem in immovable property recorded in the Land Register (Cadastre), i.e. if you are an owner, a holder of the easement or a mortgagee, I strongly recommend you to register for the Tracking of Changes service in the Land Register.

This service will automatically inform you in case there is a change in the monitored real property in the Land Register: it will send the message to your data box, e-mail inbox or mobile phone by means of SMS. The change in the Land Register refers to the sealing, entering a record in the Land Register and recording of the note. This service will inform you in time that, for instance, somebody who has dishonest intentions wants to defraud you of your real property.

The charge for the service is CZK 200 for monitoring up to 20 real properties. It is paid when you establish the service. Unless you own more than 20 real properties, the above amount is all you have to pay. If the number of the tracked real properties is more than 20, you will be charged as per the number of items. For example, an owner of 21 and more real properties will pay CZK 10 per each real property annually.

If you have a data box, you can register for the Tracking of Changes service on-line. Otherwise, you can establish the service in person at any Land Registry or upon the application with an officially authenticated signature.

Since 1 January 2014, pursuant to Section 4 (1) of Act No. 89/2012 Sb., Civil Code, “every legally competent person is deemed to have intelligence of an ordinary man and the ability to use it with due care and caution and everyone can reasonably expect that from such a legally competent person in legal interactions”.

If somebody wanted to deprive you of the real property on the basis of the lost ID card and you established the service Tracking of Changes in the Land Register (for a lifelong charge of only CZK 200), you would prove in the judicial proceedings that you have intelligence of an ordinary man and the ability to use it with due care and caution.

Therefore, I do recommend all property owners to establish the Tracking of Changes service in the Land Register.


Mgr. Jana Grohmannová

Attorney at law, a fan of parachuting and a karate champion

I am an experienced attorney at law with long-term practice. I specialize in the commercial law and the law of contracts as well as the corporate law.


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